T I M E T A B L E ~ M O N D A Y 1 0 T H – S U N D A Y 1 6 T H M A Y

Good times again this week.

P A R K //
Monday 12pm
Tuesday 915am
Thursday 12pm
Friday 12pm
Sunday 10am

£7. DM to book. I cannot stress enough that the group is totally mixed level and I always teach a pretty general sequence on the grass that everyone can access. For every front row hand stander there’s someone corpsing out on the floor (me included).

Z O O M S //
Monday 915am
Wednesday 12pm
Thursday 915am
Saturday 9am

Online classes are ‘pay what you can’ (going rate is about a fiver). Get in touch and I’ll send you the links or if you can’t make the times I’ll send you the recording instead. 07815148385.

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