There are lots of different reasons to hire a personal shopper, whether it's a promotion that requires a sparkling new wardrobe or you want to show off a new body, letting someone else take control and do the ground work can really put the fun back into getting dressed.

I offer all new clients a short consultation either over the phone or face to face, free of charge with no obligation. This will allow us to identify your needs, review the different services and discuss the best way of working together to achieve what you want.

Where: over the phone, at home or local meeting place

Price: free of charge

Starting from scratch, building a capsule wardrobe can be the answer to your prayers, saving time choosing outfits in the morning and more importantly saving money by investing in pieces that are going to work hard for you for years.

Where: at home and then in the shops

Price: £40 p/h

What happens: we'll discuss what you want, identify problem areas, then hit the shops. To follow up, I'll build you a virtual mood board using Pinterest with photos of what we've chosen and future purchase ideas to keep you on track.
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It's so easy to fall into the comfort zone, buying more and more of the same thing but always feeling like you've got nothing to wear. I can help you identify the problem and dig you out of that rut.
Where:at home and then to the shops

Price: £40 per hour

What happens: we'll look at what you've already got, work out what you need and how to get there. I'll follow up with an inspiration board on Pinterest.

Looking smart and up-to-date at work on a daily basis can be a real challenge, especially if you're a casual dresser at home. And not to mention it can be hugely expensive. Building a capsule work wardrobe will enable to plan your outfits ahead and not have to worry about scrambling around in the morning!

Where: at home, the shops

Price: £40 per hour

What happens: we'll discuss the function of your working wardrobe, whether it's comfort or looking super sharp, and agree a budget. After we've been shopping I'll build you a mood board on Pinterest with everything we've chosen laid out in different outfit combinations.
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Lots of people have a brilliant eye and make great purchases but then never wear them because they're unsure of how to put an outfit together. I will reorganise and remerchandise your wardrobe, pulling together fresh looks you didn't even know you had. Taking pictures as I go, I will build a virtual wardrobe using Pinterest for you to reference when you're feeling uninspired.

Where: at home

Price: £40 p/h

What happens: we'll look at everything you own highlighting areas of need as we go. Be prepared for lots of trying on and lots of 'Ooh I forgot I had that!' moments.
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A sharp wardrobe doesn't have to cost the earth, you just need to know where to find great quality items that you can wear every day, and be able to source those incredible bargains that will transform your style. It's all about knowing the difference between a lasting trend and a fad, and being able to spot the perfect accessory that doesn't look like it's from the high street.

Where: at home, on the high street, vintage

Price: £40 p/h

What happens: we'll work out what you've already got in your wardrobe, do lots of online research, then head to the high street taking advantage of sales and discounts.. with a bit of eBay
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Weddings, 30th's, leaving do's.. With so many events to go to (and so many people taking pictures) there's increasing pressure to look polished and perfect. I'll help you to find an absolutely scene stealing look considering every detail from the dress and jewellery to make up.

Where: the high street, department stores, budget depending

Price: £40 p/h

What happens: lots of online research and lots of trying on!

Pressed for time? Can't face the high street? I hear you. Queuing for sweaty fitting rooms and endless trudging can be pretty unappealing. So instead let me curate you an online shopping list for you to shop from the comfort of your computer. Pick and choose from my suggestions, do the ordering yourself and then have the freedom to try everything on at your leisure, and with the rest of your wardrobe so you're immediately able to make outfits and good purchasing decisions.

Price: £30 p/h

I build each and every one of my clients a mood board on Pinterest, free of charge. It's part of the research process for me and it enables us to bounce ideas off each other before we go shopping. With every pair of jeans, blazer and necklace we've chosen laid out and photographed in outfits, you can just log in for inspiration. Click here to see some examples.