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  • I'm sad to say my Lammas Park classes have come to an end. I am so sorry! I know some of you would've kept going until Christmas, but I'll be back in 2021 as soon as it's warm enough. Imagine the rebirth in Spring ? Gunnersbury Park classes are inside The Orangery now, and I'm just back from a very[...]
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  • Hi Everyone, You've done me proud this summer. Huge thanks to every one of you for showing up. For bringing friends, for spreading the word, and for being a part of this brilliant community. Get booking for next week! As the weather turns I'll be putting more focus into my online offering (get e[...]
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  • Hi Everyone, It looks like we have at least another two weeks of great weather. Yes! Check out Friday's twenty-seven strong mob in Lammas Park. Outdoor yoga classes are exempt from the new guidelines and I will carry on as normal but let's make sure we respect the rules by not arriving[...]