Terri Sinden is a Personal Stylist and Yoga Teacher based in Ealing.
"How did you get into styling?"

Years of working for luxury retail brands has given a unique insight into what women really need. It's no longer about looking young or thin, it's about feeling strong, unique and confident.

"How have you put your own wardrobe together?"

I'm a practical and economical dresser but always invest in a few updates each season to keep my wardrobe fresh. I like to do a lot of online research and make sure I don't stray from the brief - it's all too easy to divert once you're in the Zara sale!

I generally have a colour palette in mind which means you buy easy to match items you'll get more wear out of - and ultimately can justify a higher price tag.

I take advantage of the sales but try not to get swayed just because something is cheap. If it's something I desperately want and it's less than half the price AND I honestly think I'll wear it even though it's 6 months out of date, I buy it.

I hate it when people save their good dresses for special occasions. Daytime sequins are a big part of my style. As are yoga pants!

Give us some style tips

Have a monthly try on. Plan your outfits and take photos of them. If you're starting a new job plan all of your outfits the weekend before. Use Pinterest or keep a record in your phone. 

I live by that old Coco Chanel motto; take off the last accessory you put on, you don't need it. 

Don't buy anything you don't 100% love. 'Wardrobe fillers' get worn once, look crap after you've washed them and get shoved to the back of the drawer. If you haven't worn it within 2 weeks, return it. 

Buy at the beginning of the season. It's when the shops are packed with the best of the collections, designed to tempt you. Winter coats are best found in August.

Vintage is good but scuffed shoes look rubbish.

"And you teach yoga too?"

Yes I have a YTT200hr certification from Yoga London which is accredited by Yoga Alliance International.

I'm passionate about using yoga to improve both mental and physical wellbeing and feel a strong sense of responsibility to share this with others. Actually my friends probably think I'm a bit of a nuisance! I'm not on a clean eating mission, it's unlikely that I'll ever find the time to meditate every day but I love what the fluid and rhythmical movements of Ashtanga Vinyasa have done for my nervous system and busy mind.

I believe yoga should be accessible to everyone and I strive to keep my classes low cost and inclusive.